Discounted Theme Park Tickets – Where to Buy Them

For the returning guests and fans who keep visiting their favourite parks, probably finding a good ticket deal is not a big deal. But for the first time visitors the same is not true. There are plenty of ticket sellers, agents and brokers out there offering various discounts and deals on admissions to theme parks and resorts in and around central Florida. But choosing the right ticket source for the best deals and offers on admissions is often a difficult task for first timers. One have to do some research first.

In our quest for the right discounted ticket offers, we have different views and different answers to deal with every day. But one thing we must be sure that whatever we are getting and from wherever we are buying it – everything should be authentic and genuine in all respects. First, buying tickets at the park gates is normal, but then you have to pay a high price. Also there is no discount on tickets available for you here and worst still, you will waste time waiting in line and buying the same.

Moreover, buying used tickets or second-hand tickets is a big no. Sites such as Craigslist and eBay often sell these kind of fake tickets on heavy discounts, but they will land you in trouble. You cannot take advantage of the unused days from someone else’s ticket. The parks and resorts here used advance scanning systems and it won’t be possible for you to cheat on those high-end technological brilliance. So better for us to avoid buying such tickets, else have to come across situations that we would never wanted to face during our most memorable vacations ever.

Now the question is – where to find the right place for authentic and discounted offers. And the answer could be many, starting with the official websites operated by the parks themselves. It’s to be noted that an advance online booking is a great idea to avail discounts. Secondly, the authorized ticket resellers can be a better choice for discounts. These resellers buy tickets in bulk from the respective resorts and re-sell them at great discounts. Third, local Florida residents can enjoy special discounts on tickets and annual passes as well. Also one should know that the one day admission prices may vary on various occasions during the year. And as such an advance booking is a better idea for guests visiting the Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando for that matter.

Normally, at the outset you will start well by visiting the parks’ official sites to find out the latest tickets available and their official prices as well. Then look out for the re-sellers and compare the prices on respective ticket or tickets. And often you will have a convincing and affordable discounted deal to shop for. The resorts also offer exclusive, value-for-money vacation packages, featuring both the park tickets and hotel stay and other special perks for the resort guests. But an off-site stay without the perks and on-site convenience is cheaper option specially, if you are on a tight budget.

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