The Northern Lights Puts the North of Norway on the Map

There has been a significant growth in the tourism in the North of Norway and this is many thanks to the Northern Lights!

They are not only beautiful in its appearance, but they have made the tourism explode, which has given an amazing increase in the economy of the North of Norway.

People from all over the world travel to the Tromsø, the “capital of the north” to go on Northern Lights Safaris, with the help of local expert guides from event and adventure agencies, that take them to the best places to see them and experiencing them first hand.

The perfect combination that Tromsø provides with being a vibrant city and having amazing wild nature and mountains all around makes it a popular destination for travelers.

The North of Norway has always been a popular target for tourists from Asia, especially Japanese who believes that they will live longer after seeing the lights and experiencing the energy coming from them.

Now a days, there is an increase in tourism from countries in Europe, such as Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and more.

There is also a big increase in Americans and Australians tourists that are visiting to experience the Northern Lights.

The people of the North of Norway are known for being open, warm people and they are known for their hospitality.

The new wave of tourism is welcomed with open arms from the locals.

This February of 2018, the hotels in Tromsø had an increase in the rates of the hotel rooms with an average of 91%, due to the increase of tourism.

The north of Norway has always been in the shadow when it comes to economy in Norway, but is now in the lead.

With the results provided by the increase in tourism they are now number one in Norway during the winter months which is highly positive for both the region and the local people living there.

With the growing tourism in Tromsø comes many new opportunities for the locals and has resulted in many event and adventure agencies that provides tailormade experiences such as Northern Light Safaris, which is one of the most popular services.

As we speak, no less than eight new hotels are to be built as a result of the massive growth of tourism.

The local people of Tromsø are also benefiting from this growth and the rental of homes and rooms through the popular service Airbnb is becoming very popular.

The locals of the North of Norway are proud and happy to show people what the nature has to show in this beautiful scenario, and they are especially proud of showing of the amazing Northern Lights that dances in the northern sky, for the enjoyment of everyone.