Airlines, Airports and Unruly Passengers

Have you noticed how stressed out everyone is these days, all the passengers seem like zombies with a bad attitude. Why is that? Well, it is because the Transportation Security Administration employees walk around as if they have a flashlight up where the Sun don’t shine.

By the time one goes through that line, waits for their delayed plane, gets an attitude from the boarding desk, stands in one more like with a persnickety flight attendant and then tries to cram their baggage into the over bin and themselves into a seat made for elves, no wonder they are ready to explode; “turn off all devices until we reach altitude.” No wonder we get ‘air rage’ so often, which only causes flight delays and lands someone in jail rather than in their destination.

CBS Action 10 News had a recent piece worthy of comment on this issue titled; “Airline industry considers cracking down on unruly passengers,” which was published on February 16, 2014. The article accompanying the story stated;

“Outbreaks of air rage aboard international flights, it turns out, are on the rise. The industry is considering new rules. Long lines, baggage fees and canceled flights: For passengers, the experience of flying today can trigger enormous stress. But internationally, airlines are focused on another pressing problem: incidents of air rage that are on the rise.”

Nobody wants unruly passengers but I am quite alarmed at giving flight attendants, TSA, security and airport and airline personnel an advantage to render mean-spirited attitudes and crappy service. I think it is social conditioning and the unions, both public and private should not be given this level of control, it’s basically BS. If the staff and security act accordingly and stopped stressing people out there would be a lot less unruly passengers. We don’t need more rules, we don’t deserve the abuse.

When people are treated like cattle, paying customers have the right to be a little perturbed. Everyone knows when you pack rats, locusts, or squids too close together you are asking for the worst possible behavior. Humans are not supposed to be herd animals, and we shouldn’t expect them to blindly take that level of abuse from lowly wannabe employees with a badge, gun and the right to make your life and trip a living hell.

People pay good money to fly on airliners, thus they should be treated as good customers, that sort of change in customer service would alleviate 85% of the air rage incidents overnight. Please think on this.

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