The Best Places To Visit Within India

The hub of Asia and the place that is said to be host for people from many different backgrounds – India has many qualities. It is vast, it has loads of culture, it is home to the world’s most amazing cuisine of food and the best of all is that it has a lot of places that you can visit. One other advantage of choosing India for a holiday destination is that it will be really light on your pocket. The reason for this is that, compared to most international currencies, the Indian rupee is relatively cheap. So yes! You heard it! India is the perfectly ideal destination for you to visit this season. And if you agree with our statement then travel to India today to visit these beautiful places (and here’s a travel tip – you can now get amazing travel deals by selling your credit card points too).

1. The Taj Mahal, Agra

Any visit to India is absolutely null if you do not visit this magnificent piece of architecture. Built by one of the old Mughal kings of the sub-continent, the Taj Mahal is an epitome of grace and beauty. Since the king built it in loving memory of his wife, the Taj Mahal is also seen as a symbol of love – think of it as the Indian version of the eternal symbol of love. So if you want to show your love to your significant other, whoever they may be just take them on a trip to India and make them visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. Nothing speaks love louder than actions such as this.

2. The Delhi Gate

Located in the capital of India, this place is bound to bring out the inner patriot in you regardless of the country you belong to. This two arched doorway was constructed in loving memory of all the Indian soldiers that fought alongside the Great Britain and lost their lives in the First World War. If you visit in August you will also get to see some amazing Independence Day celebrations at the Delhi Gate as well. So plan your trip accordingly to get the best experience of India.

3. The River Ganges

This is one of those rivers that is long enough to flow across boundaries. It starts from India and ends in Bangladesh. It is a sacred site among the Indians and people usually visit it to bathe their sins away, for spiritual guidance or in some cases to embark on adventures. Once a year in India, a festival is held along the banks of Ganges to celebrate. So depending on the timing of your trip, you might get to be a part of this festival as well.