What is the shelf life of CBD products?

Like many other natural products, CBD oil and other CBD products don’t last forever. CBD oil left for more than 12 months can cause an unpleasant smell and/or taste.

You may be able to use your CBD oil as regular if it has actually been used for more than 12 months and the CBD oil does not smell or taste unusual.

A high-quality CBD oil of a reputed brand will last 12 to 14 months if it is kept properly and does not contain any ingredients that could impact its life span.

If you have CBD oil older than 12 months, you should inspect the taste and smell before you consume any large quantities.

Each CBD oil product is unique so there’s no way to predict how long CBD oil will last.

Below, we have provided information about CBD’s shelf-life and suggested ways to make the most of CBD oil, CBD liquid, and other CBD products.

How to store CBD oil for a long shelf life

If you store your CBD oil and other CBD products correctly, they should last between 12-24 months. Your CBD oil’s service life can be affected by where you store it.

Below are some tips and tricks to extend the life of your CBD oil and other CBD products.

Indoor lighting can make CBD oil less effective over time.

It should be kept out of direct sunlight, away from bright sources of light in your home, and in a safe, secure place that is not accessible to children. The best way to store your CBD oil is in a dark area that’s protected from natural and fabricated light.

Avoid warm locations or places that change in temperature

It is best to store your CBD oil in the refrigerator if you live in a hot area or in an area with significant temperature differences between daytime and nighttime.

CBD oil can develop an opaque appearance when exposed to heat, especially if it is stored in warm, humid places.

Take your CBD oil from the fridge and place it in a safe location.

It is not recommended to store CBD oil in the freezer if you plan on using it regularly. It is safe to keep CBD oil in the freezer, but it is risky. It is recommended that the oil be brought back to room temperature before use.

Keep your CBD Oil upright

If you forget to seal your bottle correctly or the cap isn’t properly fitted during production, this can lead to leakage. Although it is rare, your CBD oil dropper container could leak if it isn’t kept on its side.

Seal your CBD oil bottle after use.

Exposure to direct sunlight and heat can reduce the life expectancy of CBD oil. To prevent particles from getting into your CBD oil container, make sure you seal it properly after using it.

Other CBD products can be stored in

It is important to properly store CBD e-liquids, pills, and other products. To limit light and heat from causing damage to your CBD products, follow the same guidelines as before.

To Finalise

Most CBD oil will last between 12 to 24 months before you have to throw it away or change it. If your CBD oil has aged, you might notice a different smell or preference. It may also not be as efficient as it used to be.

You can extend the shelf life of your CBD oil by storing it properly. Trusted brands can extend the shelf life of high-quality CBD oil products, including cbd E-liquids and CBD edibles near me.

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