Visiting Fredericksburg, TX? Here Are 5 Things You’ll Want From Your Hotel

Visiting Central Texas is a unique experience that can only be enhanced by finding the right Fredericksburg hotel. Fredericksburg is a quaint German town west of Austin. With antique stores, beer gardens and authentic German fare, you won’t find a better place to vacation. Of course, the key to really enjoying your stay is finding the right accommodations. Known for its unique Bed and Breakfasts, historical inns and refreshing hotels, there is no end to the possibilities. To ensure that you have the right place booked, take a look at the following checklist of things you should require from your temporary abode:

1. Proximity to everything.

First things first is the requirement that the accommodation be situated near all the important things. A true Fredericksburg hotel will be close to the beautiful river, the shops, the cafes, and, of course, the great German food. With some of the best wineries in the state, you will want to be within close distance to those, if that’s your thing. There is also a bat cave that attracts people each year, as well as hiking trails and great museums. Make sure you are near what you want to see, as a great location can lower your stress and enhance your trip with its convenience.

2. Authenticity.

If you are visiting Fredericksburg, you will want a true Fredericksburg hotel. Look online for a spot that understands the town and will offer you an experience that blends into the German community. The Hill Country is all about relaxation and nature, combined with good food and even better drink. Make sure your accommodation choice understands this need for relaxation and is interconnected with the various sights around town.

3. Good pricing.

Enjoying a premium Fredericksburg hotel is key to your visit. But you want to make sure you are receiving a fair price. Make online comparisons and call ahead of time for any specials that may be ongoing. Generally, weekdays are better times to visit and off-season visits can save you some money, as well. If you are looking at spending a little money, make sure your hotel matches your expectations with the luxury you desire. Look for spas and outdoor fire spots to make the most of your relaxing vacation.

4. Year-round outdoor pool.

This may seem like a minor amenity, but in Texas, where the seasons remain summer, summer, summer and fall, you will want a great pool. The weather in the Hill Country is unpredictable, at best. It is not uncommon to find yourself enjoying a 90 degree day in the middle of December. Stranger things have happened, so make sure you find yourself a spot with a great pool.

5. Relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, a trip to Fredericksburg is a step back in time. Your visit, whether for business or pleasure, should be enhanced by an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Hot tubs are great for those who must sit in business meetings during the day or have walked all over town, scouring the antique stores. Pools and spas, as well as fire pits and close proximity to wineries are all must-haves when searching out the right hotel.