Go on an Expedition to Explore the World Heritage Sites in India

India is a destination which stands apart from the world because of the glories that it inhabits via its prosperous terrain. Every aspect of this affluent country is worthy of praise. One of such aspect which largely contributes in attracting the world to this destination is its history and heritage. The territory is dotted with incredibly alluring monuments and edifices that comprise artistic flavors of the bygone era. The monuments, which serve as the heritage of the place, stands as an evidence of the glorious former eras that the country is going through since time immemorial. The heritage in India is prominent for its architectural majesty. The place has a mesmerizing architecture that makes the edifices of the country stand apart from the rest of the world’s.

UNESCO has acknowledged this aspect of the country after going through its significance and uniqueness. It has enlisted about 28 sites from different regions in India under the World heritage. Each of the sites has its own idiosyncratic values and charisma that attracts the travelers across the world. Among the twenty eight world heritage sites, the most prominent ones are Ellora Caves, Ajanta, Sun Temple, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Agra fort, Khajuraho temples. However, Taj Mahal does not need a special mention here, as apart from being a World Heritage Site, it stands as the one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the most admired and most visited site in the world. India proudly brags about this wonder of the world which significantly contributes in its tourism.

Besides the monuments and edifices of the country, UNESCO has listed some vintage trains of the country like Kalka-Shimla, Nilgiri, Darjeeling and Himalayan railways its world heritage sites. These are listed as world heritage primarily because they affirm to be prestigious as they preserve the bygone era and its charm. These trains are popular as toy trains and it takes travelers to a royal ride through the glorious Himalayan range with stoppage at all of its attractions. It is advisable to have a ride in one of these royal historical trains to have the most splendid experience of one’s life amidst the Himalayas.

India boasts an extensively prosperous terrain which is further complemented by the variety of climatic conditions. The northern region of the territory is blessed with the magnificent mountains of Himalayas. With an add-on to the Himalayas, come the sub tropical forests that are preserved for their diversity and exotic wilds. These preserved forested areas also come under the world heritage sites by UNESCO like Kaziranga national park, Sundarbans national park, Manas wild life sanctuary, Nanda Devi national park, and Keoladeo national park etc.

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