Kumarakom: The Backwater Paradise

Kumarakom, a small town in the God’s Own Country- Kerala, is nestled on the lake side of the iridescent Vembanad Lake. This lake city which now stands on the largest fresh water Lake of Kerala, was once located near a marshy mangrove in the past. It was later in 1878 when George Alfred – a well-known missionary from Essex, England cleared that mangrove forest and altered it with coconut plantations. This added a natural charm to the raw beauty of this small village.

Kumarakom, the prominent tourist destination, is an ideal destination to behold the splendor of the enthralling backwaters. It shares close proximity to a place known for comprising an array of islands which is next to the city of Kottayam. Kumarakom is considered to be underdeveloped as it is untouched by manmade constructions. However, it is believed that the place is left undeveloped because the developments will spoil its natural beauty. The government has announced Kumarakom as a special tourist zone for preserving the ecology of this destination. The declaration further stated that any development or manmade construction is restricted in this area and has to have a legal approval by the government.

This elegant region epitomizes the natural integrity of the state. At a close proximity to the cluster of islands, Kumarakom is interconnected with some other water bodies like canals, lake and rivulets. These water bodies further enhances the picturesque beauty of the region as well as flourish the natural life that surrounds the place. Kumarakom is also known for inhabiting various wild species. In terms of wildlife, Kumarakom is most famous for Kumarakom bird sanctuary. It is a large protected reserve that accommodates numerous indigenous and migratory birds with some other charming avifauna species.

The best part of this Bird sanctuary is that it can only be explored in the fascinating canoes which make it the most distinct bird sanctuary in the whole wide world. Boat trips on the other hand help to observe the natural habitat of these birds without affecting their elegant ecosystem. The sanctuary has released some strict laws to prevent its destruction which also helps in preserving its natural integrity. Kumarakom is equally famous for its flora too. It provides varied cultivation as it has a tropical climate. the tropical fruits like pineapple, banana and mango are abundantly cultivated here. One can find plethora of mangroves, coconut palms and paddy fields. There is a lot of greenery all around along with coffee and cocoa plantations.

Around the festival of Onam, boats can be seen at its best. People participate with great zeal and fervor in the boat events and competitions that are organized during the festival. These boats are decked up with fascinating adornments and bestows an utterly spell bounding vista.