Considering School Ski Trips to Austria

It is sometimes said that the Austrian people are some of the least outspoken on Earth – until it comes to skiing! In fact, Austria takes skiing very seriously indeed and that may be to the benefit of those planning school ski trips.

Why Austria?

Some Austrians claim (though predictably this is disputed by a number of other alpine countries) that modern skiing has its origins in Austria, with some of the great Austrian skiing legends. Of course, those planning school ski trips don’t have to get embroiled in an in-depth analysis of the history of skiing or the respective claims of different countries and resorts. Typically, what you will be looking for are safe skiing opportunities for you and the children in your charge – and Austria can offer that aplenty.

Incomparable facilities

As Austrians take their skiing so seriously, you may be sure that the majority of Austrian ski resorts are equipped to the very highest international standards, in terms of tuition capabilities and on-site facilities. In fact, this is something that Austrians do so well that you may find it difficult to choose between the resorts and options open to you.

The resorts and skiing

In a brief article of this nature, there simply isn’t space to describe all the fantastic Austrian resorts but here is a brief summary of some of them that could be of interest:

    • Bad Kleinkirchenheim – a classic resort, particularly picturesque with its many wooden framed buildings, it offers a vast range of opportunities and also the attraction of thermal baths and spas (the “Bad” indicates baths, and people have been enjoying these since around the 11th century).


    • Wildschönau – this is a smaller, quieter and more traditional resort that may be ideal for some school ski trips as the culture here is very much one of relaxation rather than the somewhat more demanding pace that you may find in other resorts.


    • Alpbachtal – this is a resort located in a particularly beautiful area. It prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of snow leisure activities as well as off-piste entertainment – something that once again may appeal to school ski groups.


  • Zell am See – the surrounding mountains and the huge lake on which the city sits are, in a word, breathtaking. The fact that this is an ancient city in which there are many interesting historical sights, may be particularly attractive to school trips, as it offers a great diversity of activity.

This small selection of Austrian ski resorts simply cannot do justice to the variety of opportunities offered by this lovely country – but it’s a start!