Heading to Chamonix for a Ski Holiday

If you’re ready for your winter holiday and want the chance to get away somewhere that offers a great variety of winter sport but doesn’t feel like you are going an entire world away, then take the trip via Geneva to Chamonix. In Chamonix you have an excellent chance to get away to a place where active winter holidays are a part of the history of the place, at least since the rise of tourism in the 19th century.

In fact, if you are a winter sports enthusiast and want to spend much of your time outdoors, then there are few better choices than going from Geneva to Chamonix, [which is the quickest way to get to this valley in the south-eastern part of France]. Chamonix offers some of the highest mountains west of Russia and, in 1924, the first Winter Olympics were held there. Today, you can breeze into the town and take one of the world’s highest lifts to the top of the mountains and ski or snowboard your way back down. Of, if you are very adventurous you can try heli-skiing.


There is no denying that one of the main reasons that people go from Geneva to Chamonix is for the skiing. It has three extended ski areas that offer skiers 108 kilometres of pistes over 69 individual pistes with 10 black, 20 red, 28 blue and 8 green for your skiing pleasure. With the variety of resorts in the area, you have a great choice of places to stay while you spend your days on the slopes. If you are just learning to ski, you can take group or private lessons, or, if you are one of the brave ones who are always looking for something a bit more exciting read on…


If you are an old hand at skiing the normal pistes and have even come from Geneva to Chamonix to do the non-regulated areas that are beyond the ski slopes (going off-piste without expert knowledge is not recommended), then you can always take advantage of the opportunity to try out heli-skiing while you are in Chamonix.

When you book your heli-skiing, a guide will go with you and direct you as you ascend over the peaks in a helicopter. Once you are at the appropriate place, you leap from the helicopter and ski or snowboard back down the stunning, snow-covered slopes. Heli-skiing is not for the faint of heart, and there are inherent risks that come with jumping out of any helicopter, naturally! But the thrill of getting to ski down the powder-soft, virgin snow offers an allure that makes Chamonix one of the best places in south eastern France to do so.

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