Top 6 Things to Do in Porec, Croatia

Porec is a popular city in Croatia and one of the major tourist attractions. It is located on the west side of the Istria coast. The picturesque town attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many people who come here opt to stay permanently because of the beauty and amazing life of the town. If you are looking for family activities, nightlife, sports, hotels, beaches, etc., Porec has everything to offer. If you are coming from Venice, you can access the town by bus, flight or an adventurous option like a ferry. Venezialines offers you a great way to get to Porec from Venice through the five available routes. However, the ferry from Venice to Porec is the longest, taking around 3 hours and 45 minutes. Whichever route you use to get to Porec, you must prepare for the most amazing experience during your stay. The following are six things to do in Porec.

  1. Cycling

Whether you are an amateur or professional cycler, Porec offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy cycling along the trails. Apart from doing it for fun, you can also participate in cycling races yearly. Enjoy the trail along the coast to Zelena Laguna Resort. It is flat, has no vehicles and is asphalted. You can extend the trail through the Bijela Uvala campsite to Mugeba. In short, the trail is long enough to ensure you enjoy cycling to the fullest.

  1. Try Wine Tasting at Damjanic Wines

If you want more than an average drink, head to Damjanic Winery for the best wine. It is one of the largest wineries in Istria, Croatia, located in Fuskulin. Although it is a small spot, it is comfortable and warm. You will enjoy different wine labels like red, white, dessert, sparkling wine, rose, etc.

  1. Visit the Baredine Cave

Just 5 km from Porec near Nova Vas, you will find a small cave called Baredine Cave, a recognized spot in Porec. Use a guide to help you pass through the five chambers into the underground cave. On-site, there is a reception, a parking area, a bar and an exhibition for old tractors.

  1. Enjoy Horseback Riding

This is another popular activity you can do in Porec. There are several stables where you can get horseback rides. For instance, the Zelena Laguna Resort has stables on the main resort road where you can enjoy riding through the olive groves. Other horse riding places are Lanterna Resort and Motodorom.

  1. Have Fun at Aquacolors Waterpark

Across Zelena Laguna Resort, enjoy a good time at the Aquacolors waterpark. It has a wave pool, kids’ pool, 13 slides, lockers, bars, shops, fast-food stands, etc. Get to the waterpark for the most thrilling experience. You can also go to Istralandia, located only 30km from Porec.

  1. Go on a Jet Ski Safari Tour

Rent a jet ski and enjoy your time on any of the many beaches in Porec. However, if you want to have the most fun, going on a Jet Ski safari tour may be better. You get to mingle with people and enjoy coves and bays with the assistance of a local guide. Jet skiing is an amazing way to explore the Istrian coast.


These are six fun things to do in Porec. It is easy to stay here because the town offers families and couples the best accommodation and numerous activities.

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